Date: 10/06/09

PSP Go Accessories

As expected when the PSP Go is released it will come with a range of accessories. A few of them will be essential such as the charger or the USB cable but most of them will be not be needed, but there will be plenty of PSP Go accessories available to the people who like their console enhancements, such as screen protectors, skins and TV-out cables. At present nobody knows what PSP Go accessories will come supplied, in the box with the PSP Go, but we would expect a charger and USB cable to be included at least.

psp go accessories

PSP Go USB port

Sony have decided that they are going to change the USB port on the PSP Go. The PSP Go PSP port is a non standard format, requiring a Sony USB cable. This means that the PSP Go will not be compatible with any of the equipment from the PSP 1000, 2000 or 3000, and also means that if you have one of the previous PSP's and you want to upgrade you will have to buy all of the accessories again.