Date: 03/06/09

PSP Go MediaGo

PSP Go Officially Announced

PSP Go MediaGoThe PSP Go was officially announced by Sony this week at the E3 exposition, and is set to be available in stores from the 1st October 2009. Although the PSP Go is a brand new design compared to the PSP 1000, PSP 2000 and the latest PSP 3000, it is not actually a new console or as some people were calling it, the PSP 2. Rather than keeping the same shape as its predecessors Sony have decided to scrap the old shape and start from scratch.

The PSP Go is now smaller and lighter than the PSP 3000 and weighs in at only 158g which is 31g lighter than the current PSP. The PSP Go also has no need for UMD's as games are downloaded off the PSN (PlayStation Network) onto the PSP Go's built-in memory. For current PSP owners we are awaiting information from Sony on whether you will be able to transfer your UMD data onto your PSP Go. If this is not possible, PSP owners will not be too keen on buying the new model.

Media Go & Sense Me

On more positive note, it looks like Sony are going to be dishing out some cool new apps. For example they are going to be making their media-go application which runs on a PC, sync content with the PSP. Media-go is Sony's version of Apple's well know iTunes application. They also have an application called SenseMe channels that is also similar to iTunes' Genius. SenseMe channels will sort and categorise music into channels based on mood and tempo.