Date: 25/06/09

PSP Go has potential for 48GB of storage

CNET spoke to Sony PR guy, Al de Leon recently. In the video Al holds a PSP Go prototype that displays the PSP Go clock application and goes on to talk about various things including the PSP Go storage potential and how well the device will integrate with Skype

Massive storage potential

Al stated that the PSP Go will have 16GB of internal storage. This seems to us like it would be more than enough to store a whole load of games, videos and music. However, if you're a hardcore power user, you can insert a memory stick to increase that storage by a further 32GB. This brings the total storage up to 48GB!

With 48GB of memory, a fully upgraded PSP Go would hold more music tracks than you would ever have time to listen to, so the real purpose of this giving the PSP Go almost 50GB of storage would be to hold videos.

Maybe Sony have big plans for full length movie downloads on the PSN. 48GB would hold over 10 high quality films.

Bluetooth headset and Skype

There's been a lot of talk of the gaming forums lately about the PSP Go could be used as a phone. This talk was fueled by the announcement that the new PSP GO would have built-in Bluetooth support. Al de Leon said, "It (the PSP Go) also offers Bluetooth support, so that opens up a lot of opportunity for us to offer new peripherals and accessories and you'll certainly see things like Bluetooth headsets for example which you can use for Skype"

So Sony have confirmed it, you will soon be able to use a PSP as a Bluetooth enabled telephone. As long as you can find a free wireless Internet connection.

You can view the full video here: