Date: 15/06/09

PSP Go new features

If you look at a comparison of the hardware spec between the PSP Go and the PSP 3000, it is clear that both devices have a very similar hardware specification. Apart from the obvious changes to the PSP Go (smaller form factor and lack of UMD drive), the internal hardware specification is virtually unchanged, but people are still hoping for some firmware changes to add some new features.

Bluetooth added, but no Skype support yet

PSP Go and bluetooth supportThe first change is actually a new hardware feature. The new PSP Go now includes built-in bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can pair up with bluetooth wireless headphones to listen to music, play games and watch video content. There has been no mention of bluetooth mobile phone headsets or Skype yet, but in theory the PSP Go could work as a Skype powered mobile phone given a suitable wireless Internet connection.

PSP Go Sleep Function

PSP Go Sleep Function for XMB switchingGame sleep function - this new firmware enhancement allows you to pause games and view the XMB (XrossMediaBar pronounced CrossMediaBar). This sounds like a convenient feature, but at the moment (with the current PSP) there's not much you'd want to go back to the XMB for. For the most part the XMB is just used to launch games and we can't see what you'd really need to do there apart from launching another game. In which case you could just as well have exited the current game instead of using the game sleep function. Hopefully the PSP Go with its rumoured software applications may change that.

Clock and calendar applications

PSP Go clock and calendarSony have added a clock and calendar application to the PSP Go, bringing it closer to the functionality of the Apple iPod touch. The clock and calendar can be viewed when the game controls slider is open or shut.

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